• The Barrelhouse
The Barrelhouse

With The Snowdroppers debut album "Too Late To Pray" being released on Friday 30th October, we created something special to celebrate rather then just putting on a normal gig. The Barrelhouse was (re)born.

The idea was simple. Create a place where their music would be the backbone to a world, a multi-room, inside and out, 1930's and 1970's inspired house of blues. Taking over a whole venue and creating a urban Juke Joint where the smell of sex and sweat is generated to the soundtrack of Nick Cave, Howlin Wolf, Eels, R.L Burnside, The Stooges and Aretha Franklin just to name a few.

With live music every week from The Snowdroppers, every night supported by two of Australia's best alternative/roots/grind/rock music including Lani Lane, La Mancha Negra, Nici Blue Eyes (Melb), Mojo Juju, Steve Smyth, The Brothers Grim (Melb), Kirk Special One Man Band (Adel) and Clairy Brown & The Banging Rackettes (Melb)

With soul enhancing Dj's, the best of 1970's Italian Westerns in the outdoor cinema, a hell of a lot of booze, the Cuban Cigar Lounge, the Barrelhouse cage girls… each night will provide a slightly different experience than the previous one, yet so much more.

This is for four nights only, forget Oxford Street, The Bridge is coming back to life with a injection of old tunes and young flesh.

So get ready to indulge the power-drinking, body-grinding, string-picking, nipple-licking, ghetto-dancing, finger-sniffing deviant blues child in all of us.

Free entry for anyone willing to surrender their underwear at the door.