• Good Drugs, Bad Women
Good Drugs, Bad Women

Banned in most countries, this is the show that will corrupt the most innocent of young minds.

Starring one of the biggest names in burlesque direct from New York City, Angie Pontani, and she’s bringing her suitacease full of sexy attitude!

Not far on her heels is the U.S Pin-up Princess Amber Marie, the girl who drives straight men crazy and gay men straight.

Also joining the chaos are Australian superstars: Belladonnas De Lux, Monkey Brigade, Kelly Doll, Cougar Jones, Divine Miss M, Berlin Friday, Jacob Pacesetter and introducing the live gutter sounds of The Snowdroppers.

Be warned, this show is not for the shrinking violets; it’s for the live fast, die young... it’s for the hard working, hard drinking, son of a bitch in all of us... if you want to play Russian Roulette with your libido... if you want something to confess on Sunday morning... if you want the hangover to be worth it... then this is the show for you!!!