• Robot Strippers 3000
Robot Strippers 3000

From the deviant minds that programmed Good Drugs, Bad Women comes Robot Strippers 3000 - "Tease at 30,000 volts!"

Sugartime's Kaspia Violetta
Belladonna's De Lux's Tulsa and Tasia
Latest model La Vivianna
The programmed moves of Andy Uprock
The robotical madness of The Surgical Sideshow
Cyber sex-katz Kelly Doll and Cougar Jones
The Grinding of Amelia "Robotica" Wood
The tekno sex of Mimi Red Lips
Sounds of The Robo-droppers
and Berlin Friday

MC for the night Doctor Scientist

And DJs GYP 3.0, Azzy T1000 and Mr Mai Tai