• The Trial And Execution Of Thomas F. Wilson

Tenderloins and Russall S. Beattie are proud to announce their follow up to 2007's highly successful Good Drugs, Bad Women - The Trial & Execution Of Thomas F. Wilson

Witness first hand the sex, drugs and violence that fuelled this man's life!

Quite possibly the most important tale ever told!


Prosecutor Anthony Howes
The Snowdroppers gutter blues
The criminal moves of Sarah Lea Cheesecake
The death defying pianny of Lindsay Farris
The Spaghetti Western sounds of Azzy T
The chain hammering Graveyard Train (first Sydney show)
The Deathbed Harmonica Jamboree
Whisky drenched country harlot Nici Blue Eyes
Death in a G-string La Vivianna
The haunting Erin Black
The holy than thou Blues Preachers


Simon Craw Daddy (Psychonanny & The Baby Shakers) as Thomas F. Wilson.

Joining together to tell the story of Thomas F. Wilson, an outlaw from the nineteenth century whose afterlife is just as colourful as his life. The music from these artists will help transport and guide you through the sex, drugs, downfall and resurrection of this man.